Social AI Design

Cultural AI Design Tool ™

Cultural AI Design Tool™


This  UX of AI Design tool is currently in development. 

Paper Prototype: 2016

Paper Prototype: 2016


In order to highlight bias and create transparency in AI systems, we must embed these considerations in the our AI Design tools. To address this, I created the Sociocultural AI Design tool which helps designers engage in AI Design while at the same time, prioritize culture and transparency in the design process.

This tool inspired by feminist research and community works on multiple fronts:

  • It creates a space for individuals with no development experience to understand basics of AI design concepts.

  • Shifts the way we engage in AI design from industry to community.

  • It interfaces with corporate tools, creative coding communities, seasoned AI researchers and non-tech focused individuals. The more you use the tool, the more information is revealed to you.